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Jul 3, 2010 - Berlin    No Comments

East Side Gallery (Berlin, Germany)

East Side Gallery, Berlin WallHours of Operation: 24 Hours, Daily

Admission: Free

Get There: The East Side Gallery can be reached via both the S and U Bahn lines.  Take one of the following routes (S3, S75, S7, S5, U1 ) and exit at Warschauer Straße station.

The East Side Gallery is the longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall and today acts as a memorial to freedom the world over.  The wall in the East Side Gallery is almost a mile long (1.3 kilometers) and consists of 106 paintings, all painted on the east side of the wall which was , before its collapse, completely empty.  Work started on the paintings shortly after the destruction of the wall in 1989 and has continued up until today.  The paintings on the wall revolve around the theme of international freedom, rather than focusing on the Berlin Wall itself.

(S/U-Bahn: Warschauer Straße; S3,S75,S7,S5,U1)

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