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Paris Hotel Deals

Paris, France Hotel DealsThe City of Lights. The City of Love. The Fashion Capital of the World.  Whatever you choose to call it, Paris is a city that deserves to be seen.

You likely already know that Paris is home to the world’s finest and most luxurious fashion designers, including Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent and many others.  You know that it’s home to many art museums, including the world’s most famous, The Louvre.  But did you know that a large part of the city, including the River Seine, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?  Despite what you think you know about the city, a trip to Paris won’t hesitate to surprise you.

With amazing food (crepes! yum!), and some of the most visited tourist attractions in the world (the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc.) Paris is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.  But that doesn’t have to mean it’s the most expensive.

Find hotel deals, compare rates, and read hotel reviews on- Tripsidoo helps you to find a vacation that fits your budget.  It’s likely easier than you think.

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Save BIG on Student Travel Deals

Student Travel SavingsNo more classrooms! No more books! No more teacher’s dirty looks!

Yes, school is out for summer. Where are you going to spend your eagerly anticipated vacation? Paris? The Mediterranean? What about backpacking through Asia?  Wherever you want to go, Tripsidoo helps you match your budget to  your dream vacation.

For a limited time, students can save big on travel deals.  Simply enter the code STUDENT10 and get $10 off – starting at $112.

Clearly all of your hard work this year has paid off.

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London Hotel Deals!

London, England Hotel DealsLondon is a vibrant city filled with people, ideas and energy.  It is the capital and largest city of both the United Kingdom, and of England.  London is also the largest city in Western Europe and the European union.  Greater London has an official population of nearly 8 million people – although the figure of over 14 million for the city’s total metropolitan area more accurately reflects London’s size and importance.  London is one of the great “world cities” and remains a global capital of culture, fashion, finance, politics and trade.

The city is also not as expensive as you’d think.  Many of London’s top attractions are actually free to enter, and a tube pass is an excellent (and economical) way to see the city.  If you’re a student, bring your valid student ID.  When there is an admission fee, there is also often concessions for students.

London has world class museums, shopping,dining and nightlife all just waiting to be discovered.  Tripsidoo can help you plan your trip, and manage your budget – we’ve got the details on what you can see for free and what sites cost money so you can plan accordingly.  We’ll also help you get great deals on London hotels.

Your London vacation is likely closer than you think!

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Berliner Dom “Berlin Cathedral” (Berlin, Germany)

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom), Berlin GermanyHours of Operation: BerlinerDom (Berlin Cathedral) is open from 09:00 – 20:00 Monday to Saturday, and from 12:00 – 20:00 on Sundays.  There are no tours or viewings during church services or events.

Admission: €8 for adults (includes audio guide).

Get There: Berlin Cathedral can be reached via the S-Bahn, taking route S3, S5, S7, or S75 and exiting at Hackescher Markt or route S1, S2, S3, S5, S7 or S75 and exiting at Friedrichstraße station.  Visitors can also reach Berlin Cathedral using the U-Bahn lines, taking route U2 and exiting at either Märkisches Museum or Stadtmitte station, or U6 and exiting at Friedrichstraße.

Berliner Dom is the colloquial name for the Evangelical Oberpfarr- und Domkirche (English analogously: Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church, literally Supreme Parish and Cathedral Church) in Berlin, Germany. The history of today’s Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church and its community dates back to 1451. In that year Prince-Elector Frederick II Irontooth of Brandenburg moved with his residence from Brandenburg upon Havel to Cölln (today’s Fishers’ Island, the southern part of Museum Island) into the newly erected Berlin Castle, which also housed a Catholic castle chapel. In 1454 Frederick Irontooth, after having returned – via Rome – from his pilgrimage to Jerusalem, elevated the castle chapel to become a parish church, richly endowing it with relics and altars.

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Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz (Berlin, Germany)

Haus Der Wannsee-Konferenz, Berlin GermanyHours of Operation: Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz is open daily from 10:00 – 18:00.  Guided tours are available by appointment only.

Admission: Free

Get There: Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz can be reached via the S-Bahn, taking routes S1, or S7 to Wannsee station.  Once there, you’ll need to take the 114 bus from Wannsee station to complete your journey.

A permanent exhibition opened in this imposing Wannsee Mansion as ‘The Memorial and Educational Site House of the Wannsee Conference’ on 20 January 1992, on the very day of the 50th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference. It was in a room in this magnificent Villa that a group of high-ranking Nazi officials headed by Reinhard Heydrich, Head of Reich Security met on January 20, 1942 to organize and implement the Final Solution to the Jewish Question. The Wannsee Conference Memorial Exhibit is a chilling documentation of the systematic process which led to the Holocaust.

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Schloss Charlottenburg (Berlin, Germany)

Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin GermanyHours of Operation: Schloss Charlottenburg is open Tuesday – Sunday from 09:00 – 17:00 (the new wing is open from 10:00 – 17:00) from April to October.  From November to March, the palace is open from 11:00 – 17:00.  Note that Schloss Charlottenburg is closed Mondays.

Admission: Old Palace, €10; New wing €6 (admission includes audio guide).

Get There: Schloss Charlottenburg can be reached via the S-Bahn and U-Bahn subway lines.  When taking the S-Bahn, take route S42, or S46, exiting at Westend station.  U-Bahn riders should take route U7 and exit at Richard-Wagner Platz.  From both stations, it’s a 15 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride.  If you decide on taking the bus, look for #309, or M45 going to Schloss Charlottenburg, or #109 or M45 for Luisenplatz/Schloss Charlottenburg.

Schloss Charlottenburg is the largest palace in Berlin, an 18th-century baroque structure that was originally constructed as the summer home for Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Elector Frederick III who became the first Prussian king. The splendid interiors are festooned with art masterpieces, while the surrounding gardens contain a mausoleum, pavilion and the Belvedere, which houses the porcelain museum.

(S-Bahn: Westend; S42,S42,S46) (U-Bahn: Richard-Wagner-Platz; U7) from both stations it is a 15min walk or a 5min bus ride
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Checkpoint Charlie (Berlin, Germany)

Hours of Operation: VisitorsCheckpoint Charlie, Berlin Germany can see Checkpoint Charlie at any time, however there is an excellent museum on site that is open daily from 09:00 – 22:00.

Admission: Free

Get There: Checkpoint Charlie can be reached only on the U-Bahn.  Take route U6 to Kochstraße or Stadtmitte station.  (Note that Stadtmitte station is also accessible via the U6 line.)

Checkpoint C” was the name given by the Western Allies to the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Germany and West Germany during the Cold War.

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Gedächtniskirche “Memorial Church” (Berlin, Germany)

Gedachtniskirche (Memorial Church), Berlin GermanyHours of Operation: Gedächtniskirche (Memorial Church) is open daily from 09:00 – 19:00.

Admission: Free

Get There: Take routes S3, S5, S7 or S75 on the S-Bahn, and exit at Zoologischer Garten.  Via the U-Bahn, take rout U9 and exit at Kurfurstendamm or exit at Zoologischer Garten using the U2, or U9 line.

Located in Berlin on the Kurfürstendamm in the centre of the Breitscheidplatz. The original church on the site was built in the 1890s. It was badly damaged in a bombing raid in 1943. The present building, which consists of a church with an attached foyer and a separate belfry with an attached chapel, was built between 1959 and 1963. The damaged spire of the old church has been retained and its ground floor has been made into a memorial hall.

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Potsdamer Platz (Berlin, Germany)

Potsdamer Platz, Berlin GermanyHours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Admission: Free

Get There: Visitors can easily get to Potsdamer Platz via the metro. Take the S-Bahn route S1, S2 or S25 and exit at Potsdamer Platz.  Or, take route U2 on the U-Bahn, again exiting at Potsdamer Platz station.

Potsdamer Platz is an important public square and traffic intersection in the centre of Berlin, Germany, lying about one kilometre south of the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag (German Parliament Building), and close to the southeast corner of the Tiergarten park. It is named after the city of Potsdam, some 25 km to the south west, and marks the point where the old road from Potsdam passed through the city wall of Berlin at the Potsdam Gate.

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Großer Tiergarten (Berlin, Germany)

Grober Tiergarten, Berlin GermanyHours of Operation: 24/7

Admission: Free

Get There: Tiergarten is easily accessible via the S-Bahn and U-Bahn metro lines.  Using the S-Bahn, take either the S3, S5, S7, or S75 to exit at Tiergarten station, or take routes S1, S2, or S25 and exit when you reach Brandenburger Tor.  Via the U-Bahn, take U55 and exit at Brandenburger Tor metro stop, or U9 and exit at Hansaplatz.

The 2.5 sq. km (about 1 sq. mile) Tiergarten is the largest park in the city. Its more than 23 km (14 miles) of pathways make it popular with those who are looking for a leisurely place to stroll.  It was during the reign of Friedrich I that the park was opened up to the public. His successor, Friedrich II, then employed Peter Joseph Lenné to redesign the park in the English style. The result of this work is what you can see in the park today.